Some Healthcare Proposals

With all of the news about healthcare going on in D.C. this week, it’s worth pointing out that BetterDistricts has several proposals for you to vote on to show how you feel about changes to our healthcare system.

This is such an important part of everyone’s┬álives and we can’t afford to get it wrong.

If there is something that you think that our government should be doing, then create your own proposal to display the support for it in your community.

Vote on this week’s upcoming bills

On the bills page, you can see a list of the bills that are on the calendar to be being voted on this week.

This is an excellent way to stay engaged with what is currently going in Congress.

This week there are several bills about foster care, DHS, Nuclear power, and improving conditions for workers. If you feel strongly about any of these topics, make sure to get your votes in.